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27th March 2014

Quote: "My father called me that so much... and he became a professor of black history, so he was not a lost soul. When I was 12, he took me in a room and said, 'Yo, Russ, that's your name...' I thought my name was 'N**ga...!' It's our expression and if you don't have a slave in your background... maybe you shouldn't use the word." Rap mogul Russell Simmons has his own rules about the use of the 'N' word in popular culture.

29th October 2013

Fact: 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen is teaming up with rap mogul Russell Simmons for his Tv directorial debut. The filmmaker is working with the Def Jam Recordings co-founder to develop an untitled drama about an African-American man trying to enter into New York's high society.

20th September 2013

Quote: "They're mother's a disciplinarian; she had her foot on my neck for 15 years... She's a great disciplinarian and the kids are wonderful, she's doing an amazing job." Rap mogul and yoga enthusiast Russell Simmons on his ex-wife Kimora Lee's tough love.

26th July 2013

Fact: Fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons donated $150,000 (£100,000) to her ex-husband's, Russell Simmons', Art for Life: A Field of Dreams Gala. The event will be held on Saturday (27Jul13) at Fairview Farms in Bridgehampton, New York.

24th March 2013

Quote: "I try to do everything from the viewpoint of what's best for my kids. I have three kids and two great dads and it's not always easy, but you have to try to be a little selfless and we manage just fine." Model-turned-fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons insists she's on good terms with her ex-husband Russell Simmons and former boyfriend Djimon Hounsou. The beauty has two daughters with the rap mogul, aged 13 and 10, and a three-year-old son with actor Hounsou.

13th February 2013

Quote: "Well, lots of models speak lots of languages. They're self-educated sometimes, but mostly, pretty sophisticated. And they're not crazy, like actresses. And, they are available to travel with you." Russell Simmons muses on the advantages of dating models. The music mogul is said to have recently split from German runway beauty Hana Nitsche.

5th July 2012

Fact: Singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are set to be feted at Russell Simmons' annual gala to recognise stars' achievements and charity work. They will be the guests of honour at the music mogul's Art For Life benefit at his East Hampton estate in New York for his Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation on 28 July (12).

31st October 2011

Tweet: "I hope the best for my friend Kim Kardashian and wish she finds peace and happiness." Rap mogul Russell Simmons sympathises with the reality TV star as she files for divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage.

28th October 2011

Tweet: "I really hope the best for Adele. She has the voice of an angel." Rap mogul Russell Simmons hopes the British soul sensation recovers from the throat problems which have forced her to scrap all live dates for the rest of the year (11) so she can undergo surgery.

16th October 2011

Tweet: "Protesters. Continue to be of good cheer, remain non violent, and above all else, operate from love #occupywallstreet." Rap mogul and activist Russell Simmons urges demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Wall Street marches in New York to stay peaceful following clashes with police on Saturday (15Oct11).

17th August 2011

Fact: Pop superstar Beyonce performed the second of four sold out dates at New York's Roseland Ballroom on Tuesday (16Aug11) in front of a star-studded crowd - her rapper husband Jay Z was joined in the audience by hip-hop moguls Russell Simmons and Sean Combs, director Brett Ratner and R&B singer/songwriters Ne-YO and The-Dream. The Crazy In Love hitmaker is due to return to the venue for two more concerts on Thursday (18Aug11) and Friday (19Aug11).

5th July 2011

Tweet: "praying for Nicki Minaj and her family." Rap mogul Russell Simmons sends his love to the rapper after her cousin, Nicholas Telemaque, was shot and killed in his native Brooklyn, New York in the early hours of Monday (04Jul11).

25th May 2011

Tweet: "Congrats to my friend Kim Kardashian on her engagement!" Rap mogul Russell Simmons sends his best wishes to the newly-engaged socialite, who is set to marry basketball star Kris Humphries.

5th May 2011

Tweet: "Happy birthday to my wonderful baby's mother @OfficialKimora." Rap mogul Russell Simmons sends his best wishes to his ex-wife, model Kimora Lee Simmons, as she celebrates turning 36 on Wednesday (04May11).

10th February 2011

Quote: "I woke up one morning (and) I said, 'F**k it, I'm not doing no more coke, no more drinking, no more smoking cigarettes, none of that s**t,' and I took control... That was 23 years ago." Hip-hop mogul and businessman Russell Simmons on the decision that changed his life.

20th January 2011

Tweet: "Seargent (sic) Shriver was one of our greatest advocates for peace and justice. VERY LITTLE coverage of in media of this great American." Rap mogul Russell Simmons is disappointed by the lack of press coverage of late politician SARGENT SHRIVER, who died on Tuesday (18Jan11).

20th January 2011

Tweet: "R..I..P. Sergeant (sic) Shriver the heart of the kennedy familys support for the underserved." Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons mourns late politician SARGENT SHRIVER, who died on Tuesday (18Jan11).

3rd January 2011

Quote: "My spiritual journey began about 15 years ago. I went to yoga and there were so many hot girls there. I came out of class and I was all hoppy and high and thought, 'Oh my God, if I keep doing this, I'm going to have these crazy ideas and lose all my money.'" Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons on his journey to spiritual enlightenment.

7th December 2010

Quote: "We have so many businesses together and our biggest business is our children." Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is grateful to have a good relationship with his ex-wife Kimora Lee, the mother of his two daughters Ming and Aoki, following their divorce last year (09).

17th November 2010

Tweet: "Got a personal copy of decoded. Excited to read it. Jays (sic) a hero of mine..." Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons can't wait to read rapper JAY-Z's new memoir, DECODED.

2nd November 2010

Fact: Russell Simmons gave U.S. TV audiences a yoga lesson on Monday night (01Nov10) - the limber hip-hop mogul impressed viewers by performing the Sirshasana headstand pose during his interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

21st October 2010

Quote: "A lot of guys might wonder why he gets all the ladies. You look at him and you can't figure out his age. He's like the angel of hip-hop, the angel of doing right... Whether you're gay, straight or black or white, it don't matter... you just can't resist him." Supermodel Tyson Beckford has nothing but praise for hip-hop guru Russell Simmons.

11th August 2010

Quote: "I love Drake, but I'm old school, I still love Jay-Z, I love Eminem's new record. I'll be at the Stadium!" Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons prefers the more established rap acts and can't wait to attend the superstars' joint concert at New York's Yankee Stadium in September (10).

28th July 2010

Quote: "Most of the girls I date are vegetarians... They always leave me, but stay vegans." Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons always changes his girlfriends' eating habits.

3rd June 2010

Fact: Rap mogul Russell Simmons was awarded a lifetime achievement honour by the organisers of the National Arts Club in New York on Wednesday (02Jun10) in recognition of his work in the music industry.

28th May 2010

Fact: Russell Simmons threw a party at his New York home on Wednesday night (26May10) to raise money for charity efforts in Sierra Leone. The hip-hop mogul invited "200 beautiful girls and 100 of my richest friends" to help raise money for Shine on Sierra Leone. Guests included Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

19th March 2010

Fact: Soul singer Robin Thicke was joined by his celebrity pals JAY-Z and Beyonce, music mogul Russell Simmons and Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, American footballer REGGIE BUSH, at New York hotspot 1OAK on Wednesday night (17Mar10) to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

22nd May 2009

Fact: Rap mogul Russell Simmons has become the latest celebrity to be appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. The Def Jam co-founder's duties will include raising awareness about global slavery.

23rd April 2009

Fact: Hip hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons has launched a new Earth Day (22Apr09) contest to find America's greenest university. The eco-friendly star is one of the driving forces behind online competition America's Greenest Campus. Leading the competition as WENN goes to press is George Mason University in Virginia ahead of the University of Maryland.

22nd April 2009

Quote: "Little things like turning the water off when you're brushing your teeth, turning the TV off instead of leaving it on standby... I know that if people eat one less hamburger a week, or spend one day as a vegetarian, it would make a huge difference to reduce your carbon footprint." Vegetarian rap mogul [Russell Simmons] urges people to do their bit to go green for Earth Day on Wednesday (22Apr09).

17th January 2009

Fact: After a slow start on Thursday (15Jan09), the Sundance Film Festival in Utah is shaping up to be the place to be this weekend - Mariah Carey, Spike Lee, Dominic Monaghan, John Cleese, Christie Brinkley, 50 Cent, Cuba Gooding JR, and rap mogul Russell Simmons have all been spotted around town, dressed in their finest winter wear.

14th January 2009

Fact: MARY J. BLIGE was thrown a surprise party by her manager husband Kendu Isaacs at the weekend (10Jan09) in honour of her 38th birthday. Seventy guests, including JAY-Z, Beyonce, rap mogul Russell Simmons and rapper Busta Rhymes, joined the hip-hip/soul queen to celebrate her special day at the Mr. West Lounge in New York.

11th December 2008

Fact: Russell Simmons is selling jewellery to help raise money for the development and empowerment of Africans. Proceeds from the sales of his Green Initiative bling will benefit the Diamond Empowerment Fund, which supports schools and colleges in South Africa and Botswana.

19th March 2008

Quote: "We've been together for 10 months and have done yoga every single day - for an hour and a half." Rap and fashion mogul Russell Simmons' model girlfriend PORSCHLA COLEMAN boasts about the couple's flexible relationship.

29th December 2007

Fact: Model-turned-fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons had a surprise in store for her new boyfriend, actor Djimon Hounsou, the first time she stripped for him - she has the name of estranged husband Russell Simmons tattooed on her backside.

28th August 2007

Fact: Kid Rock was an unexpected guest at Paris Hilton's end-of-summer beach party in Malibu, California on Saturday (25Aug07). The socialite played hostess to rap mogul Russell Simmons and Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin at her rented beach house.

21st June 2007

Fact: Rap mogul-turned-designer Russell Simmons is selling the $24 million (GBP12 million) New Jersey mansion he shared with estranged wife Kimora Lee Simmons. The stunning estate features a three-storey living room, lavish dining room and indoor pool.

14th May 2007

Quote: "This whole debate is lifting rap up, not knocking it down. Rap music is not meant to be mainstream." Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is confident the controversy surrounding rap music lyrics will benefit the genre.

6th July 2006

Fact: Russell Simmons' non-profit group the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is hitting the road to inform people about voting and economic empowerment. The discussion on voter registration and the US economy will take place on 12 July (06) at the University of Pennsylvania's Philadelphia branch. Featured speakers will include Juelz Santana, Remy Ma, Jaguar Wright and MUSIQ.

21st June 2006

Fact: Rap mogul Russell Simmons marked the fifth anniversary of his non-profit group the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network by opening the American electronic stock exchange Nasdaq last week (ends16JUN06) by ringing the opening bell.

9th September 2005

Fact: <p>Mariah Carey and DIDDY are among the first stars to record new songs for a Hurricane Katrina relief album being funded by rap mogul Russell Simmons. </p>

8th September 2005

Quote: <p>"He's a hero in the black community... Saying what a lot of poor people think is not a crime. We have freedom of speech... I think it's important that rappers say what poor people don't get to say." Rap mogul Russell Simmons applauds Kanye West for his controversial racial comments made during a live telethon held to raise cash for the victims of Hurricane Katrina last week (02SEP05). </p>

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