The ultimate tragedy has struck Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles, whose young daughter was killed after they were both hit by a car in New York City this week. Another child pedestrian also died, and Ruthie herself was severely injured but now she is thought to be in a stable condition.

Ruthie Ann Miles at the Fiddler on the Roof openingRuthie Ann Miles at the Fiddler on the Roof opening

An online fundraiser has been set up for parents Lauren and Charles Lew, who lost their 1-year-old son Joshua when a female driver hit him with a car after running a red light in Brooklyn on Monday (March 5th 2018). It was also revealed on that page that the other victims were Tony Award winner Ruthie Ann Miles and her 4-year-old daughter Abigail.

Sadly, Abigail was pronounced dead upon her arrival at Methodist Hospital. 34-year-old Ruthie, who appeared in the 2015 Broadway revival of 'The King and I', is allegedly pregnant. Thankfully, while it was initially revealed that she was 'injured and in critical condition', it seems now she is on the road to recovery and her unborn child remained unharmed by the event.

Police confirmed to People that the incident occurred when a 44-year-old female 'failed to maintain control of the vehicle' after running a red light and 'struck the pedestrians'. They added that Joshua's stroller was dragged across the street, and the driver claims that she had a seizure. However, the driver apparently has a history of driving through red lights and speeding.

'No one has the words to express how devastating this is', a source told People. 'Abigail was her life. Abigail was her soul. She was the loveliest, happiest and also the most perfect little mix of Ruthie and Jonathan [Blumenstein - her husband].'

Meanwhile, a number of Ruthie's fellow Broadway stars have expressed their condolences on Twitter. 'Hamilton''s Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote that he was 'heartsick for Ruthie and her family', while Audra McDonald said: 'This is heart shattering. Please help if you can and if you can't please send love and hope and prayers their way. Ruthie, I am sending you all the love and light in my heart today sweet lady.'

Audra posted a link to another GoFundMe page set up for Ruthie and her family.