Ryan Dunn, the 'Jackass' star who was killed in a car crash on Monday, plays a ghost who haunts his best friend in a new movie, reports the UK's Daily Mirror. Ryan Dunn and his passenger died when the reality star's Porsche 911 careered into woodland at a speed of 130mph.
Before his death, Dunn shot the movie 'Belch' in which he hauntingly remarks, "being dead is the best thing that ever happened to me". The film also features Dunn's real life best friend Bam Margera, who reportedly broke down when visiting the scene of the car crash in West Goshen this week. The film was scheduled for release in October 2011, but it may now be delayed in light of Dunn's tragic death. The movie's three minute trailer opens with the quote "Call no man happy till he is dead", and features Ryan's character coming back from the dead to play practical jokes on his unsuspecting friends. Earlier this week, fans and friends of the late-star gathered at a memorial service. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville was among the mourners, as was Bam Margera and his mother April Margera, who was first to confirm Dunn's death on Monday.
Ryan Dunn tweeted an image of himself drinking with friends just hours before the fatal car crash in Pennsylvania. Despite early reports suggesting the star was sober, Tmz.com report the 34-year-old's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal driving limit.