Ryan Dunn, the American daredevil who was killed in a car-crash this morning (20th June 2011) has been described as a "happy kick-ass dude" by his Jackass co-star Jason Acuna, aka, 'Weeman'. Dunn was killed after his Porsche 911 burst into flames following a crash in Pennsylvania, reports Fox 29 News.
The 34-year-old's 'Jackass' cast-mates Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Steve-O are yet to comment on the tragic accident, but Acuna took to his Twitter page this afternoon to pay tribute to his close friend, saying, "Ryan Dunn- a super awesome memory was at the J Rody walston & the business show!!! I Miss You Bud!! You were always a happy kick-ass dude!!" Dunn, who starred in all five Jackass movies, died in the automobile crash at around 2.38am. Just hours before the incident he had posted an image of himself drinking with two friends on Twitter. It is not clear whether either of the two individuals were in the car at the time of the crash, but reports suggest there was at least one other fatality.
During the filming of 'Jackass: The Movie', Ryan Dunn was driving a driving a golf cart down a hill with the show's star Johnny Knoxville as his passenger. Dunn crashed the vehicle and was thrown into the air, while Knoxville landed awkwardly on his neck and was knocked unconscious for a short while.