Originally released back in 1982 with Harrison Ford as primary protagonist Rock Deckard, the 'Blade Runner' movie failed to make a big splash in Hollywood. Ever since its release however and in more recent years, the film has picked up quite the cult following, and enough to convince the big wigs that a sequel should be brought to the big screen.

Ryan Gosling leads 'Blade Runner 2049' alongside Harrison FordRyan Gosling leads 'Blade Runner 2049' alongside Harrison Ford

That sequel comes in the form of 'Blade Runner 2049', directed by Denis Villeneuve and introducing a new leading star in Ryan Gosling, as LAPD Officer K; another Blade Runner. When he realises that humanity could be brought to an end in the very near future, he goes out on a search for Deckard in the hopes that he could help in stalling the upcoming danger and save humankind from the ultimate destruction.

Whilst many are worried about how the film will effect the overall 'Blade Runner' universe, Gosling promises that there will be something for those who enjoyed the first film.

Speaking about the film's director, Gosling said Villeneuve was "so loyal to the original, but at the same time wasn't intimidated by it," during a chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

He went on to hint that any questions fans of the first film may have had in the years following its release could be answered.

"It's iconic for a reason. It's a very deep and powerful and haunting film," he said. "It leaves you with more questions than answers and, as a kid, I wasn't used to that. I was used to things being sewn up for me. It was exciting as a fan to know that some of those questions might get answered, and to go back into that universe and explore that world and see how things evolved."

The most obvious tribute to the original film of course comes with Harrison Ford. He'll bring the loyalists back on board for another run with the franchise, and will hopefully play a part big enough to warrant his inclusion. Let's hope that 'Blade Runner 2049' will see more success than the original did back in '82; this is a major gamble for everybody involved, but one that could pay off tenfold.

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'Blade Runner 2049' hits US movie theatres on October 6, 2017.