Ryan Gosling is fascinated by relationships.

The 30-year-old actor - who has most recently been romantically linked with his 'Blue Valentine' co-star Michelle Williams and previously dated actress Rachel McAdams - enjoys observing the things people to do for love and what it is that ultimately destroys a union.

He admitted: "I'm interested in love and the lack of it and the crazy things we do to get it.

"The knight slays the dragon and then lives happily ever after with the princess in the castle, but when they've moved in together, they have to share a bathroom. How do you keep love alive in a domestic situation? What is it about that that dismantles love?"

Ryan loves taking on a diverse range of movie projects, and always has faith that even his small-budget productions will be a success and feels let down if they don't do as well as he hoped.

He told The Observer magazine: "You know, it's not like I set out to be 'the indie guy'. I really believe my films are going to be successful, that I'm making 'The Blair Witch Project' - something that will transcend expectations and resonate with people. When my films don't do well, I'm hurt and surprised. It's discouraging."

However, the 'Notebook' star admits he may place less importance on his career when he eventually settles down.

He added: "I mean, maybe I'll have kids and my priorities will change, but I still feel that one of these days I'll make a movie and it's going to work."