In The Big Short Ryan Gosling plays a bank trader who along with a few like-minded individuals, helps predict the financial collapse and the housing market crisis by betting against the big banks. While the film blends both comedy and drama, the actor describes it as a ‘cautionary tale,’ that carries a moral message for all.

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling stars in The Big Short.

“What makes the film special is that although its characters are walking a moral tightrope the film never really is, because the film never celebrates the score that the characters pull of in the end,” Gosling said. For the filmmakers the difficulty lay in finding the balance between telling the story in an entertaining way, but also being careful not to celebrate the end result.

“Even Brad (Pitt’s) character has a great line towards the end of the film where he says ‘Do you realise what you've done you've just bet against the American economy and if you win hardworking people will suffer so at least have the decency not to celebrate.’ So I think the film has strong moral footing,” Gosling added.

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For some the idea of dipping into the financial world might seem daunting and even Gosling aggress that the subject matter could put some off at first. “I can identify with most of the audience in that this is a world and subject matter that I never thought first of all could be very interesting and or that I would really completely understand,” Gosling said.

“I think that Adam (McKay director) and the whole team have done a really great job of shaking the rug and showing you what it really is and helping you have an understanding of it, which I think is very unique in a film. I can’t think of many films that are educational in that way but are as entertaining as this one as well,” he continued.

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“I think it is a history lesson, it is a cautionary tale, it’s also a really fun ride. It’s a lot of things I think.” While the film’s moral tale does take place in the financial world, the actor also believes that its lessons carry relevance for all.

“Wether it’s in the financial world, you can apply the wilful ignorance that the characters embody in the movie to a lot of different situations,” he added. “Even the movie ends on a sentiment on a financial level of a new sort of version of a CDO that ’s already been created. So it’s sort of tipping the idea that this is already, in a subversive way, happening again.”

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