Cannes Film Festival 2016 kicks off tomorrow and definitely one of the movies everyone's dying to see is Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe's 'The Nice Guys'. Directed by Shane Black, this one-of-a-kind crime comedy arrives at Cannes' Grand Theatre Lumiere on May 15th 2016.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in The Nice GuysRussell Crowe and Ryan Gosling star in The Nice Guys

It's a new venture for Oscar nominated Ryan Gosling, who everyone always expects to appear in super serious movies like 'The Notebook', 'Only God Forgives' and 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'. But here he proves he has got a funny side too in this 70s-set tale of two 'detectives' (Gosling as Holland March and Crowe as Jackson Healy) out to solve the mysterious case of a missing girl. 

'It was really fun to watch this with an audience', Gosling mused about his first comedic movie. 'It might be the most fun I've had watching a film that I've done with an audience because you can tell if it's working because they're laughing.'

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As for what attracted him about this movie, it turns out Gosling was always a big Shane Black fan. 'It's a Shane Black film. He's a genre unto himself', he says. He also goes on to say that a lot of movies he watched growing up were written by the filmmaker, whose only other directorial projects were 2013's 'Iron Man 3' and 2005's 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'. ''The Monster Squad' was maybe one of the first films I ever started quoting', Gosling added.

Watch the trailer for 'The Nice Guys' here:

The actor also likened Black's directing ability to martial arts. 'It's like he has an aikido style of directing', he says. 'He's able to take obstacles and turn them into opportunities and he can subvert a cliche better than anyone.'

'The Nice Guys' also stars Matt Bomer and Kim Basinger, and it's set to be released in US theaters on May 20th 2016.