Cara Delevingne. This applies to any Victoria’s Secret model out there (sorry to burst your bubble, guys) but we’re focusing on Cara, because her social media presence makes her seem so relatable, just like one of us. Well, she’s not. Last year, the Brit’s net worth was estimated at $1 million and with contracts with the likes of Chanel, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret and Fendi among others, she’s likely to double that in no time. So while she can pull a mean duck face and reportedly enjoys playing Call of Duty, you aren’t likely to spark a social network romance with Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne
No chance.

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Tom Hiddleston. Mr Hiddleston has enjoyed a meteoric rise since 2011, which may be why he seems so charming, down to earth, slightly awkward and just so dreamy, right? He was also voted ELLE’s man of the year for 2014, so clearly there are a lot of ladies and gents out there, who’d really like a shot at the Hiddles. Like a lot. The man has millions of fangirls, fanboys an variations thereupon across the globe and is continuously on the road for various acting engagements. Just this year he starred in the National Theatre’s production of Coriolanus in London, then filmed Crimson Peak in Canada, had a cameo in Muppets: Most Wanted, which filmed in LA and is now working on the thriller High-Rise in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Point being, the man is very busy, very famous and very, very private.

Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift makes a huge effort to show us all that she’s just one of the girls and for that, we love her. She’s also down with the ideas of feminism, which is pretty cool of her. Judging by her instagram and twitter, she’s also a massive dork, which tends to make you forget that Tay Tay had one of the most successful albums of last year, Red, followed by a worldwide tour and that now, everybody wants a piece of Taylor. Kudos to her for handling it all so gracefully, for still giving advice to young women on twitter and for inundating us with pictures of her cat, just like any other 24-year-old. Point still stands though – if you think your crush on Taylor Swift is unique, think again. However long her string of past lovers may be (none of our business, by the way), commoners are not invited.

Taylor Swift
Get over it.