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Actor Ryan Guzman Still Has Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Dreams

Ryan Guzman, 27, was a promising mixed martial arts fighter before he started landing film and TV roles, but he admits he hasn't given up on his tough sporting dreams. He tells...

Masi Oka Will Reprise His Role As Hiro Nakamura In 'Heroes Reborn'

Masi Oka, the actor best known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in Heroes, will be reprising his role in the upcoming spin-off of the hit NBC show, Heroes Reborn. The 40-year-old actor is set...

'The Boy Next Door' Puts Jennifer Lopez's Sexuality Centre Stage

For her first film role in two years, Jennifer Lopez chose the sudsy romantic-stalker drama The Boy Next Door, which she also produced. And she admits there was something irresistibly relatable about the character which...

Jennifer Lopez's 'The Boy Next Door' Fails On All Levels

Maybe critics spoke too soon when they effectively declared Johnny Depp's Mortdecai as the worst movie of 2015 - already. Paramount is throwing another iron into the furnace of January offloads with The Boy Next...

Jennifer Lopez Offers Advice To Ryan Guzman During Sex Scenes

Jennifer Lopez put Ryan Guzman at ease during their sex scenes for 'The Boy Next Door'.The 27-year-old actor - who stars opposite the 'On The Floor' hitmaker in the thriller - admitted he was incredibly...

Step Up: All In Is Like A Family Reunion

When the first Step Up appeared in 2006, the reviews were fairly scathing (it's rated only 19% on Rotten Tomatoes). But audiences loved it (83%), and the box office success spawned a sequel. Somehow we're...

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