When the first Step Up appeared in 2006, the reviews were fairly scathing (it's rated only 19% on Rotten Tomatoes). But audiences loved it (83%), and the box office success spawned a sequel. Somehow we're now up to a fifth instalment in the franchise, as Step Up: All In opens this weekend in the UK and next week in America. So the question is what makes this series so successful? It certainly isn't the predictable plotlines.

Step Up All InFrom Left to Right: Briana Evigan, Adam G. Sevani and Ryan Guzman

"We have the top dancers in the entire world, pretty much," said Adam Sevani, who has appeared as Moose four of the five movies. "I guess what Step Up is about is having the best of the best and pushing the limit of what we did in the previous movies. We've definitely pushed the envelope with this one. We've got earth, wind and fire in there!"

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"This movie is like the Fast & Furious version of Step Up," said Ryan Guzman, who returns from 2012's Step Up Revolution as Sean. "We bring all the characters back, and it became really fun to play against them again. Whichever character you liked, we have them. Except Channing Tatum. We didn't bring you Chan."

Briana Evigan, who plays Andie, appeared in 2008's Step Up 2 the Streets. "After that, I thought maybe the next year I'd come back for something," she said. "But it didn't happen, so I just assumed that Step Up was done for me. Then I was absolutely thrilled when they called me and I got to get back together with all my homies. Not many franchises make it to movie five."

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So would Guzman like to face off against Tatum in Step Up 6? "I did meet him when we were filming this movie, and he's a great guy," Guzman said. "I'm sure we'd have a good time in a dance battle against each other. Maybe in Magic Mike 2! If Channing wants to use me, I'm sure I can pull some kind of move from Step Up."