With Ryan Reynolds returning to the titular role of the Mercenary with the Mouth in 'Deadpool 2', Marvel fans are finally able to get their second dose of big screen action from one of the most compelling and unique comic book characters to have ever been created. Whether or not the film would be able to match the success of the first was something everybody was waiting to find out, but it would turn out that it has smashed all expectations.

Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular anti-hero in 'Deadpool 2'Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular anti-hero in 'Deadpool 2'

According to Box Office Pro, 'Deadpool 2' - directed by David Leitch, and also starring Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin - has set an incredible overseas record for an R-rated movie, raking in $301 million across the globe when combining United States takings with the rest of the world. All of this without yet even opening in China!

The overseas numbers total an estimated $176.3 million, which is $44 million than the original 'Deadpool' made in its debut everywhere except America. The biggest box office takings came from the UK with $18 million, with South Korea just behind on $17 million, and Russia with $11.8 million.

Despite breaking those records, 'Deadpool 2' fell short of making as much as its predecessor in the States' opening weekend. It did take in an estimated $125 million, which is close to the original film's $132 million US opening numbers, but it's smashed all estimates.

Reynolds' Deadpool will obviously be a big part of whatever R-rated future the Marvel Cinematic Universe has cooked up. The actor has said a third solo movie isn't something that'll be on the cards until we see an 'X-Force' team-up film, but even the prospect of seeing the Merc make a comeback as part of something so unique is a fantastic thought!

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'Deadpool 2' is in cinemas now.