Ryan Reynolds has just done the most Deadpool thing imaginable and bought himself a stake in his favourite gin company. Aviation Gin are excited about their 'new boss' who is set to play a significant role in the company's production from now on - and now he'll have unlimited access to the liquor.

Ryan Reynolds on the Hollywood Walk of FameRyan Reynolds on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The 41-year-old decided to invest some of his millions into a large stake in Aviation Gin, which means he'll now have significant creative influence and, according to the company, play an 'active role in the day-to-day business'.

'Aviation is the best tasting gin in the world', he said in a statement. 'Once I tried it, I knew I wanted to get involved with the company in a big way. If you think all gin tastes the same, you'd be mistaken. Aviation is in a completely different league and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of the company.'

Elsewhere, Ryan confessed that he'd been trying to 'infiltrate the company' since he first tried Aviation Gin a year ago because he believes it's 'the best damn gin on the planet'.

He isn't the only superstar to have made investments in spirit companies; the likes of George Clooney, Diddy, Channing Tatum, Drake and Bethenny Frankel have all turned their business acumen towards alcohol and profited extremely well from it too.

It's not yet known what percentage of Aviation Gin Ryan now owns, nor what he invested into it, but the important thing is that he's thrilled to be involved. 'In the long and in no way disastrous marriage of showbiz and alcohol, so happy to announce I'm the proud owner of a gin company', he wrote on Twitter yesterday (February 21st 2018).

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Meanwhile, the company added: 'We're excited to announce our new boss, [Ryan Reynolds]. Actor, producer, professional good-looking person.'

There is some speculation that the gin brand may make an appearance in the actor's forthcoming movie 'Deadpool 2', which is out in May.