'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds has always been incredibly open about his personal health and life with the press. As much as he is willing to share, he's also still quite a mystifying personality, and a real hoot on Twitter. 

Ryan Reynolds has been discussing his mental healthRyan Reynolds has been discussing his mental health

Now in an incredibly open chat, the actor has been chatting about his own personal demons, including a battle against anxiety and depression.

In a recent chat with Mr Porter, the actor told the magazine that he was always "twitchy" as a child, and now recognises that this was part of his growing anxiety. He went on to say that the condition is something he still deals with today, with his mental health always at the forefront of his mind.

"I tend to get pretty depressed and I have some issues with anxiety and things like that," he explained, saying that he would use working out to help him feel better throughout the week.

He continued: "Otherwise, I start to get a little bummed. For me, it is more psychological. Exercise is a means of expelling those demons."

Despite the struggles however, Reynolds has a positive outlook: "I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but anxiety is also a great fuel. I mean, my God, it's the anti-complacency pill, but it's also something that you need to manage."

Reynolds would go on to chat about his relationship with his late father, with whom he spent a large chunk of his life being estranged from. Fortunately, his wife Blake Lively helped the pair reconcile before his dad's passing. The two later named their daughter James after the relative.

"It's easier to focus on the good stuff than the bad," Reynolds concluded. "My father died soon after my daughter was born, but he got to see her, which makes me happy."

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We'll bring you more news from the world of showbiz as and when we get it. 'Deadpool 2' is out now in cinemas across the globe.