Sacha Baron Cohen is believed to be in early talks with Disney to star in the planned sequel to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Cohen is apparently on the verge of signing with Disney to take on a lead role in the film, said to be the main villain, which will be based upon and titled Through the Looking Glass.

Sacha Baron Cohen
Cohen will most likely play The White King in Alice 2

Should Cohen be given the role, he will join up with returnees Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska, who will be reprising their roles as The Mad Hatter and Alice, respectively. Cohen's reported interest in the role was first reported by Variety, who went on to say the the sequel will feature a change of direction from the first, with Tim Burton stepping down to be replaced by The Muppets director James Bobin. Any other details surrounding the movie have been kept closely under wraps by Disney.

This is the latest in a long-line of upcoming projects Cohen has under his belt, a great deal of which he is developing himself. The Borat actor is currently working with director Louis Leterrier on a film called Grimsby, which will begin shooting in summer this year. Once Cohen has finished shooting for this movie, filming is due to begin on the Alice sequel, which has been slated for a 27, May 2016 release date.

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The actor, who last appeared on the big screen in Les Miserables, is also working on a film called The Lesbian, which he will star in and produce, as well as potentially aiding with the script. The film is in a similar vein to Cohen's The Dictator, but this time around he will be mocking Hong Kong’s notoriously decadent playboy Cecil Chao. The plot of the film has been inspired by the homophobic Chao's very public denunciation of his daughter's same-sex relationship and the $65 million dowry he offered to any man who would marry her (via Deadline). The film is still in it's infancy, but we'll bring you more information when it becomes available.

Sacha Baron Cohen Les Mis
Cohen last appeared in Les Miserables