Of all Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous and cringe-worthy stunts that he's pulled off over the years, his Britannia Awards prank has caused a great deal more analysis and disbelief than any other. Sacha was introduced to the awards show stage to be honoured for his contribution to comedy by actress Salma Hayek and an old, wheelchair-bound lady who was introduced as Grace Collington, a former child star who worked with Charlie Chaplin.

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen Momentarily Appeared To Have Killed An Old Lady.

Grace offered the Borat actor Chaplin's iconic cane, saying "This is from City Lights." The audience "aww'd" and Sacha began to tap dance with it, emulating the legendary 20th century performer. Cohen then leant his full body weight of the cane which snapped sending the actor careering into Grace's wheelchair and throwing her off the stage into the audience below with a scream.

Watch A Clip Of Sacha Baron Cohen's Britannia Awards Stunt:

The guests gasped and many rushed over to check whether she was okay. One man checked her pulse and sadly shook his head before picking Grace up in a fireman's lift and carrying her unconscious out of the room. Many looked on with disbelief whilst others instantly got the joke and began laughing uproariously. Sacha stood up at the podium and said "Grace Collington is...was the oldest surviving actor to have worked with Chaplin. I dedicate this award to her."

Sacha Baron Cohen Salma Hayek Isla Fisher
Salma Hayek Introduced Grace Collington, A Former Child Actor With Charlie Chaplin.

He added "This obviously a tragedy" but muttered "she's upstaging me" as many audience members were still focussed on the woman being carried out of the LA venue. He added "But on the bright side what a great way to go - giving an award to me. Plus, she'll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam segment."

He went on to jokily threaten her family, saying "Do not try to sue me - however if you decide to get the lawyers involved, bring it on. I will take you down just like I did to your Granny."

Sacha Baron Cohen Isla Fisher Britannia
At The End Of The Awards, Everyone Was Laughing.

Cohen continued to thank his parents as well as BAFTA, his agents as well as his "incredible wife - what's her name Is-la? Eyes-la? I still don't know...it's so long into the relationship it seems embarrassing to ask," he joked as Isla Fisher laughed, showing no one is safe from his pranks.

He caused a stir last year at the 2012 British Comedy Awards when he took to the stage as his Ali G character wearing a gold tracksuit with the word "Savile" emblazoned on the back. He clamed he'd found it in a charity shop and added "I ain't ever heard of this label."