Sadie Frost isn't interested in moving in with her boyfriend.

The 55-year-old actress has been romancing businessman Darren Strowger for six years, but the couple don't live under the same roof and may never share a house together, as Sadie says they're both independent people who enjoy having their own space.

She said: ''I like being on my own and I like my own space.

''Some people who are in their 50s are settled down with a partner. I don't live with my partner. I have got more time on my own by being at home. I think I have got a little better as I'm not so co-dependent.

''I used to be not able to do anything on my own and I do like sharing my life with somebody. But with my partner now, yes, we love each other and we are strong personalities, but I am not sure if we could live together.'

The 'Final Cut' actress - who has Finley, 29, with her first husband Gary Kemp, and Rafferty, 23, Iris, 19, and Rudy, 17, with her second spouse Jude Law - insists she ''loves'' having Darren ''as a companion'', but also enjoys having time to herself, after spending years in relationships with men who were too much like her father.

She told the Mail On Sunday newspaper: ''I love having him as a companion and we like sharing experiences. But I have had a lot of relationships and I have had relationships with strong men, who were like my dad.''

Meanwhile, the 'Shopping' star admitted last year she and her boyfriend live separate lives, and said at the time she's happy with the way their romance works.

She said: ''We don't even live together. He's got his kids and I've got mine; he's got his career and I've got mine.

''We get a lot done and then we see each other. I never realised that's what I would prefer or want, but it has worked.''