Sadie Frost says Jude Law was the "love of her life".

The former actress - who has children Rafferty, 13, Iris, nine and seven-year-old Rudy -with the actor, as well as son Finlay, 19, with first spouse Gary Kemp - admits she values the time she had with her ex-husband more than any other romance.

Speaking about her new autobiography 'Crazy Days', she said: "Everyone has to remember those early parts of falling in love. They're great memories and I'm glad the children can read them.

"It reminds me how important he was, is, to me. He was the love of my life, and he's been the most important relationship of my life.

"He was a wonderful partner and he's a great dad."

However, Sadie admits she still clashes with her former spouse.

She said: "We get on pretty much most of the time. Sometimes there's a disagreement or we annoy each other but we resolve it quickly and move on."

Sadie - who split from Jude in 2003 after almost six years of marriage - is currently single and though she would "love" to settle down again, she is happy with her independence.

She added: "I think it was important to learn to survive on my own - I'd always relied on other people.

"In a way I had to grow up, not rely on anyone else, not play the victim and be responsible for my own life. Once I did that, things started to fall into place."