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Jk Rowling Signs Public Letter Denouncing Cancel Culture

JK Rowling is among 150 public figures who have signed an open letter denouncing cancel culture.The 54-year-old 'Harry Potter' author has joined well-known people including Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Gloria Steinem, Malcolm Gladwell and Noam...

Richard Gere Romancing Brunette

Richard Gere has sparked speculation he has a new girlfriend.The 'Pretty Woman' actor had been romancing 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi for the last few months, but he was seen holding hands with a brunette...

Salman Rushdie Is The Latest To Condemn Homophobic Stance Adopted By Russia

Many musicians, actors, writers and comedians have used their considerable stature to publically denounce Russia’s anti-gay laws, putting the issue firmly at the center of peoples’ minds. The highly respected and well loved writer Salman...

Does Mehta's 'Midnight's Children' Prove The Novel Is Unfilmmable?

The movie adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children, directed by Deepa Mehta, hit theaters in the U.S. on the back of largely average reviews. It is often joked that the Booker Prize winning novel is...

Twenty-three Years After 'Satanic Verses': Controversy Reigns For Salman Rushdie

Twenty-three years after the publication of Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie finds himself at the centre of controversy once more. At the time of its release, the publication of his novel forced Rushdie into hiding, as...

Salman Rushdie Now Has $500,000 On His Head

Salman Rushdie - the controversial author - now has a $500,000 price on his head, reports British paper, The Telegraph. The controversy has been reignited due to the Islamophobic film, Ayatollah Hassan Sanei - head...

Robbie Williams Is Nervous About Parenthood

Robbie Williams is scared about becoming a father.The 'Angels' singer's wife Ayda Field is due to give birth to their first child, a girl, next month and although he can't wait to welcome her into...

Tv Chef Lakshmi And Dushku Get Naked For Magazine Spread

Author SALMAN RUSHDIE's ex-wife PADMA LAKSHMI has stripped off for a new magazine spread. The TV chef, actresses Eliza Dushku and Lynn Collins and comic Chelsea Handler are baring almost all for Allure magazines annual naked...

Minogues And Salman Rushdie In Scrabble Gang

Pop sisters KYLIE and DANNII MINOGUE enjoy nothing better than playing SCRABBLE with controversial author SALMAN RUSHDIE. The Australian siblings discovered they share their passion for the board game with THE SATANIC VERSES writer,...

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