Sam Claflin thinks Jennifer Lawrence should have her own space in the dictionary.

The 29-year-old actor - who appears alongside the Oscar-winning star in the 'Hunger Games' franchise - has claimed Jennifer's unique personality merits the creation of a new word.

He said: ''Jennifer Lawrence is Jennifer Lawrence. You can't sum her up in any other words except Jennifer Lawrence - it should be put in the dictionary to describe one person.''

Sam said that unlike some people in the movie business, Jennifer is completely authentic.

He told Metro newspaper: ''There is no bulls*** and that's what I admire about her. She is what she is, you like it or you lump it.''

Meanwhile, Sam also offered his own views on the future of the James Bond franchise, advising movie bosses to ''change it up''.

He said: ''What they should do with Bond is go back in time and set it in the 60s when the cars were as they were, the women, the men and the fashion.''

Earlier this week, Jennifer admitted she occasionally goes on Google or social media to discover what people think about her.

She quipped: ''You try being 22, having a period and staying away from Google. I once Googled 'Jennifer Lawrence Ugly.' Do I sound bitchy?''