A 'Love Wedding Repeat' sequel is in the works.

The movie - starring Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn and Eleanor Tomlinson - has just been released on Netflix but writer-director Dean Craig has revealed he is already working on a follow-up, with the title 'Love Honeymoon Repeat'.

When asked where he sees the characters after the movie, Dean told The Hollywood Reporter: ''Well, I am working on a sequel called 'Love Honeymoon Repeat'. I may be able to answer those questions, but I may leave you to wait to see the answers.

''It's always been the plan with the producers, Piers Tempest and Guglielmo Marchetti. Ever since we were on set actually, they started talking about a sequel. So now I'm writing it.''

The movies shows the alternate versions for how an event can play out but Dean says the happy ending, rather than the tragic ending is the one he prefers for the romantic comedy.

He explained: ''It was an unusual movie in that way, because we can go in so many different directions. My editor Christian Sandino-Taylor and I really did build the film in the edit to some extent. There are other versions of this film that would have completely different things happen in it, to a certain extent. It would be interesting one day to maybe even edit the alternative version of the film and see how different that would be. But this is the one we went with, and we're very happy with it.

''For me, that's the ending. The important thing is that Sam and Olivia, that Dina and Jack get together. That was always my endpoint. It has to be, doesn't it, for a romantic comedy.

''It's funny, because we've got the tragic ending and we've got the romantic comedy ending. So, we get to do both.''