Sam Claflin found filming 'The Quiet Ones' difficult.

The 27-year-old actor admits shooting a horror movie without having music or sound effects to react to was a challenging experience, but thinks seeing the resulting behind-the-scenes footage would make for a great comedy.

He said: ''During filming we found it reasonably difficult, not going to lie. Trying to film a horror movie without the music or sound effects to react to, instead you have a director behind the camera going 'screech', 'scrape','bang', 'door slam', it's how it works. And you're going, 'Is this gonna be scary? I don't know if it works...'

''I think it would make for a great comedy, to do a really bad horror movie and to see a behind-the-scenes of what really happens on a horror movie.''

Claflin enjoyed researching his role of Brian McNeil in the 1970s-set movie because he got the chance to learn how to use the technology of the period.

Talking on Radio One, he explained: ''For me, there was a huge research to do into the 1970s film equipment, you have your camera and editing stuff, which I needed to learn to do, so I went on a couple of courses.

''Working with the equipment it was amazing, learning how to cut film reels and staple them back together.''