Skyfall is one of the biggest films to ever come out of Britain, and James Bond is one of its most iconic characters. It's fitting, then, for it to win plenty of awards, especially given that it was largely snubbed by the Oscars. Having won both Film of the Year and Blockbuster of the Year at the Evening Standard Awards, it seems it is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

As the Guardian reports, the Evening Standard editor, Sarah Sands said: "Thanks in part to the extraordinary success of Skyfall - a truly big British movie, delivered with a panache Hollywood could envy - 2012 also highlighted the creativity, vision and talent of a new generation of British film-makers, actors and actresses." 

Taking over a billion dollars worldwide, as well as over £100m domestically, Skyfall wasn't always a sure-fire success, particularly given that the last feature Sam Mendes had directed was Away We Go (a far, far cry from the fast paced, slick style of a Bond movie). However, the combination of Mendes, a Daniel Craig Bond, a Javier Bardem baddy and its title song from woman of the moment, Adele, seems to have been the recipe for success. 

Other big winners at the awards include Andrea Riseborough as best actress for her role in Shadow Dancer, and Toby Jones as best actor for Berberian Sound Studio. 

Skyfall is also up for Best Film at the Baftas next week and, with an emphasis on British movies, it shouldn't go away empty handed. 

It'll be out on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on February 18th, and in the US on the 12th. Can't wait that long? Remind yourself of why it's winning so many awards in the trailer: