Sam Neill thinks social media has become so ''toxic''.

The 'Jurassic World: Dominion' star has lamented about the state of social media platforms like Twitter, so he has been glad he has been able to make people smile with his humorous posts during lockdown.

He said: ''If I do cheer up two or three distressed souls, that's a good thing. I've been on Twitter for a few years, but it has become so toxic. I have firm views on all the things that people shout at each other about, but we really don't need someone else shouting. It's quite good for someone to say: 'Listen, we'll get through this, it'll be all right.' And I've been astonished at the response. People saying, 'Thanks for making me laugh today, it's been bloody grim at my place.' I'm happy to make a fool of myself if it helps.''

And whilst most have missed being able to hug others during the pandemic, the 72-year-old actor insists he hasn't as he's ''not a man-hugger''.

He added: ''Look, I went to boarding school for God's sake. At the end of the holidays, I'd catch the train back to school and my father and I would shake hands at the station. That was me, at nine years of age. 'Goodbye, Dad.' 'Goodbye, old boy.' Wouldn't see him again for three months. So, no. I do not hug easily or comfortably. I'm not a man-hugger, let's put it that way.''

And Sam found the crisis ''strangely energising'' but says there are some people now who are struggling more now as they are missing lockdown.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, he shared: ''The full-blown crisis was strangely energising. I've spoken to people who are missing lockdown; they liked being at home, and now we're in this no man's land where no one knows, and we're getting mixed messages from people in charge. There's the impulse to think: 'Well, that's done and dusted.' And, of course, it isn't.''