‘Everyone likes a re-make’ so goes the mantra of horror movie producers the world over, so with that in mind, it’s no surprise that we’re all readying ourselves for another instalment of the Evil Dead, with some of the original producers back on board to resurrect the 1981 Bruce Campbell-starring tale of evil being unleashed in the woods.

Check out the new trailer

So you know probably know the deal if you saw the original Evil Dead. Someone reads a book in a cabin in the woods, despite the book clearly implicating that they shouldn’t do such a thing, and then through the power of … something – voodoo we guess – a whole load of trouble unleashes itself on those staying over. Special props in this new trailer has to go to the make-up and effects department, who seem to have no money at all in managing to make the creepy undead-looking girl look like she’s just hot-footed from taking second place at a college Halloween fancy dress party. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how often she burst out of that trap door, she’s not going to be making us terrified of anything other than dicey looking contact lenses.

There is hope for the film in that Sam Raimi, who directed the original, is among the producers names on the credits. But we can’t really say we’re anticipating this Fede Alvarez-directed affair much. It hits cinemas in April.