The Last of Us was only released on PlayStation 3 a year ago. After winning nearly 200 "Game of the Year" awards and re-releasing the game for PlayStation 4, the plans to adapt it into a feature full-length movie may just turn The Last of Us into one of the biggest things in entertainment.

TLOU Photo'The Last of Us' is kind of a big deal

Granted, video game movies certainly don't have the greatest track records. The Resident Evil film franchise is flawed, Prince of Persia was a disgrace, and let's not even talk about the Super Mario Bros. movie. So, does this make The Last of Us doomed for the same fate? The movie has a lot to live up to: the version released on PS3 in June 2013 has a 95 Metacritic rating, and the re-tuned and re-mastered version released for PS4 last week has the same rating, as well. The Last of Us strives in its story telling, cinematics, and character development, so it's pretty easy: nail all of that, and you've probably got a great movie. If it were only that simple! But, so far, things are looking good.

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Though the film is a couple of years away from hitting theaters, producer Sam Raimi and screenwriter Neil Druckmann answered questions at a panel at ComicCon to give a little more insight as to what to expect. First off, Druckmann is not only the screenwriter for the movie, but he's also the creative director at Naughty Dog, the studio that created The Last of Us game. What this means is that you've got the guy who essentially made the game making the script, and that sounds like a pretty good deal. Another issue with movie adaptations is trying to squeeze a massive 15 to 20 hour campaign in just a couple hours on the big screen. For The Last of Us, the game's playtime spans around the 15 hour mark, and Bruckmann originally planned on changing the ending until Raimi talked him out of it.

Raimi, who commonly directs films too (most notably The Evil Dead and Spider-Man series), will instead be handing off the hiring for a director to Bruckmann. Though nobody has been mentioned to be in the running, you can't rule out Fede Alvarez, the director behind Raimi's The Evil Dead reboot in 2013. Alvarez has also been signed on to direct the upcoming Dante's Inferno movie, which also was originally a video game released in 2010. Other names that have been mentioned for The Last of Us movie haven't been behind the scenes, but rather the cast itself. Actress Maisie Williams has been in talks with Raimi and Druckmann to play the lead role of Ellie, though the talks are only preliminary.

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