British actor Sam Riley is desperate to see the final cut of his new movie ON THE ROAD to find out whether he has won a bet to sneak his famous Ian Curtis dance moves into a scene.
The 31 year old played the Joy Division singer in 2007 movie Control, and he learned to mimic the late star's unique dance style for the part.
Riley is constantly asked to show off his moves, and when a crew member working on On The Road challenged him to appear in the background of a scene doing the famous dance, the actor accepted.
He now has to wait to see the final edit of the movie to discover if his efforts were successful.
Riley tells Britain's Q magazine, "I've been asked to do it (sing Joy Division songs) a few times since Control. And I've been asked to do 'the Ian Curtis dance' a few times, too.
"There's a party scene in On The Road, which I've just finished filming. One of the assistants said he'd give me $50 if I somehow managed to do the Curtis dance in the background. I need to see the final cut to find out if I've won."
Riley stars in the upcoming movie opposite Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst.