Noel Gallagher thinks Kanye West is a ''f***ing dumbass''.

The 'Ballad of the Mighty I' singer was baffled when the rapper invaded the stage at the Grammy awards when Beck collected the Album of the Year accolade, subsequently admitting he felt Beyonce deserved the prize more, and can't understand why the 'Bound 2' hitmaker thinks he ''runs the music business''.

He said: ''I read on the papers that he got on stage at the Grammys and said to Beck, 'You should respect artistry and give Beyonce that award.'

''That **** needs to look up the description of the word 'artistry'. If Beck, the player of 14 instruments is not an artist then f**k me.

''Kanye's a f***ing dumbass.

''His interview with Zane Lowe a couple of years ago was f***ing priceless, but he does have this thing where he thinks he runs the music business.''

The former Oasis rocker - who kicked off his 'Chasing Yesterday' tour in Belfast on Tuesday (03.03.15) - insists Kanye wouldn't stand a chance if he tried to pull a similar stunt around him.

Speaking in this week's issue of NME magazine, he added: ''Imagine if he'd got up at the Brits in the 90s, I'd have knocked him out.''

Meanwhile, Noel also has a strong dislike of the Grammy awards' big winner this year, 'Stay with Me' singer Sam Smith.

He blasted: ''Sam Smith just stands there like Boy George in a coma.''