Sam Smith took the music industry by storm in 2014 and garnered a global fan base after the release of his first album, 'In the Lonely Hour' (released May 26th), and after winning four Grammys earlier this month, it seems 2015 is going to be even bigger and better for the British singer.

Sam SMith
Sam Smith recently revealed why he is so opne about his personal life

Sam, who is openly gay, recently opened up to the March issue of Vogue magazine about becoming a huge star, what he plans to do in the future and being comfortable about sharing his personal life with the public.

"I find that the danger of giving too much away excites me, so I give you everything," he told the mag.

Despite being constantly hounded by the media, Sam admitted he thinks talking about his personal experiences is enjoyable and definitely worth the risk.

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"'Make mistakes!' I tell myself. 'You're only 22. Fall in love with as many people as you can! Get your heart broken!'" he explained. "I need to go through all of this to feel human. Because my life right now, how I'm living, isn't very human."

Although the recording artist has found great success making music, he hopes to step behind the camera and become a director in the near future. "I want a crash course so I can start directing my own videos," he said.

Sam further discussed why sharing information about his private life with his loyal fanbsae is very important to the singer.

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"People think that because I'm being honest and talking about pain it's sad, but to me it's empowering," he said. "Talking about my deepest and darkest secrets to the world makes me feel better. It's cathartic. And that's a bit f**ked up, if I'm honest. But it helps me."

"We're losing class. There is a way to share an insight into your personal life without being classless, which is what I'm trying to do," he continued. "Let's not get our asses out, people. Let's put on a suit."