Sam Smith wants to date an older man.

The 27-year-old star's last serious relationship was with Brandon Flynn, 26, in 2018 and Sam has revealed that they are now hoping to strike up a relationship with a hunky older man.

Speaking on SiriusXM, Sam - who has been using the exclusive dating app Raya during the Covid-19 lockdown - said: ''I think I want to be with someone older now. I need someone who has passions and has their own drive.

''It's nice to be able to date on your phone. I haven't done it in years - I just want the romance.''

Meanwhile, Sam previously revealed they turned to dating apps during the first two weeks of lockdown after they panicked about being single.

The singer is currently quarantining at home in the UK with their sister and admitted they freaked out about their single status when the Covid-19 lockdown was first introduced.

Sam explained: ''For the first two weeks I was like 'oh my god I'm single, I need to like...'. I went on this dating thing and it was the worst!

''And then you get attached to guys, and then you're forming quarantine relationships over the phone, it's a dangerous path...

''It is a little bit [difficult], it's just not going to work right now!''

Sam previously admitted they were hit hard by the pain of the break-up from Brandon and said they felt at their lowest when touring.

Sam said: ''Being on tour is a bit of a crazy experience, I get really low sometimes on tour.

''I feel like I sound so depressing all the time when I talk about it, but I get depressed on tour.

''I think it's the responsibly and pressure that makes me struggle.''

The 'Promises' singer also confessed that they hated to see couples being romantic and gushy with one another when they were single, and admitted that they get jealous of other people's relationships.

Sam admitted: ''I've just gone through a break-up so I'm not in the mood for romance.

''When I see couples I just want to poke their eyes.

''It's hard to be happy for other people when you feel so ''sh*t.''