The mass exodus from The Daily Show continues with Samantha Bee's departure, announced this Friday. Bee follows in the footsteps of her husband Jason Jones and, of course, Jon Stewart himself. It's kind of a bummer for Daily Show fans, but not so much for Bee herself, who is leaving to start her own show on TBS. 

Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee says "goodbye" to The Daily Show and "hello" to greener pastures at TBS.

Yes! This is what we've been waiting for! An exciting, somewhat political, female-led format. At least that's what TBS has teased so far.

While the show is still in development, the network is promoting "a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues."

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Oh yes, we are into this. To make it even better, Bee will in fact be joined by Jones, who is to serve as executive producer. 

"Like her fans around the country, we absolutely adore everything about Sam, from her straight-faced sarcasm and ruthless wit to her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation," TBS vice president Brett Weitz said in a statement, quoted by the New York Daily News.

So, even though we won't be getting Jessica Williams in the Daily Show hosting chair, TDS fans still have something really, really exciting to look forward to. 

"After watching Sam's work for years, we knew that her distinctive humor and talent belong at the front of her own show," TBS continued the statement. We think so too.