Comedienne and TV host Samantha Bee is planning an alternative to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner later this year, assembling like-minded comedians to savage Donald Trump’s administration in safety.

The annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is held in Washington D.C.’s Hinckley Hilton on April 29th this year, and it will be the first in which prominent journalists and celebrities rub shoulders with high-profile members of the Trump administration in what is widely considered to be an informal ‘presidential roast’.

Samantha BeeSamantha Bee is hosting a 'Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner'

However, with Trump’s relations with the media being frosty at the best of times and currently at an all-time low less than a fortnight into his presidency, many people are considering whether to go or not – and indeed, it’s not even clear whether Trump himself will attend.

“We’re not trying to supersede it,” Bee told The New York Times, which reported the plans for the alternative event on Monday (January 30th), which will be held on the same day and also in Washington. She wants to extend the invitation to “all non-irritating celebrities” as well as journalists.

“We just want to be there in case something happens — or doesn’t happen — and ensure that we get to properly roast the president.”

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The idea came to Bee, who hosts the satirical ‘Full Frontal’ show on TBS, after she and her show’s producers were wondering in the aftermath of November’s election about what would be different about the event under a Trump presidency.

“And then we thought, ‘Why don’t we just do one, just to do it in the way that we would want it done if we were hosting it’?”

Proceeds from the event will go to the Committee to Protect Journalists, and it’s likely that footage from her alternative dinner will be broadcast on TBS.

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