As part of the promotion for his new film 'Kong: Skull Island', Samuel L. Jackson goes viral in his answers to some of the internet's most commonly asked questions about him. He answers most of them correctly and it's even funnier than when Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt did it.

Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson answers the most important questions

For a segment on 'The Web's Most Searched Questions' for Wired, the actor got to answering some of the internet's most burning questions about Samuel L. Jackson including 'Did Samuel L. Jackson get an Oscar?' (he didn't), 'Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime?' (he does) and 'Did Samuel L. Jackson ask for a purple lightsaber?' 

'You bet your a** I did', he said, remembering his role in the 'Star Wars' movies. 'I asked George and he said no. I went away, came back to do re-shoots and he said, 'Guess what I did just for the hell of it'. He said he'd made one. But he still wasn't sure if he was gonna actually keep it, and he ended up keeping it.'

After revealing that he is no longer vegan, he no longer smokes (but he does vape) and he is definitely not sponsored by Kangol (despite the hat), he proves to be unreliable in his answers and should probably Google himself more. 'What was Samuel L. Jackson's first movie?' The internet asked.

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''Together for Days' starring Calvin Lockhart. Don't go looking for it', he says. And in fact if you do go looking for it you'll find that it actually starred Clifton Davis. But given that it was 45 years ago, we'll let him off. There was one question that rendered him lost for words though: 'How did Samuel L. Jackson die?' Apparently, that question has been answered.

His funniest response, if we had to pick one, was in reference to the 'Samuel L. Jackson on Trump' term: 'I've never been on that dude. Nasty!'