“Gravity” is a critically acclaimed space thriller starring A-listers and directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Bad Grandpa is Jackass’ newest collection of fart jokes and obvious innuendo. One of these should be a clear winner at the box office this weekend, but it might not be the one you expect. Gravity has been anchored at the top for three weeks straight, since its October 4th debut, but now the new contender looks set to knock the movie off its box office throne.

Gravity Still
Gravity will finally lose its leadership over Halloween weekend.

Interestingly enough, Ridley Scott’s the Counselor is also in cinemas this weekend, but maybe the overall poor reviews have influenced audiences, because the film isn’t considered a contender for box office glory, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The predictions so far put Bad Grandpa ahead with $29 million in weekend earnings. Meanwhile, Gravity is poised to rake in excellent profits for its fourth weekend. With an expected $22 million, the movie would slip to second place, but still remain in the charts. Even with the predicted 30% drop, this weekend should send Cuaron and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney past the $200 million mark. Plus, there’s always awards season to look forward to.

Check out the Bad Grandpa trailer here.

Captain Phillips, the Tom Hanks-starring true-to-life drama is poised to take the third spot. With a 36% drop last weekend and another predicted fall of around 33% over this coming weekend, the movie should retire comfortably with over 70 million total profits. And then there’s The Counselor, Ridley Scott’s latest offering. A confused marketing campaign, little publicity from the cast and a poorly rated performance by Michael Fassbender have done The Counselor no favors – 11 million it is.

The Counselor Still
Despite an all-star cast, The Counselor appears to be a box office flop.

All the way at the bottom (of the Top 5 at least) is Carrie. The remake of a 1976 film adaptation could suffer the same fate of most horror flicks – a significant drop in its second weekend – however insiders are predicting a boost in profits for Carrie, brought on by Halloween season. This means that the horror flick is poised to bring in around $8million, bringing its total to a rather disappointing $27 million total.

Watch the Carrie trailer below.