A new video has been posted online that makes us think twice about space disaster thriller Gravity. Claiming that the clip "redefines entire movie," the fan-edited footage takes a closer look at how Sandra Bullock's character could have been saved (sooner) and what the object that smashed her little workstation and sent her spinning into space may have really been.

'Gravity': But What's That Red & Blue Thing In The Distance?

Somehow Alfonso Cuarón forgot to include this clip in the final version of his Oscar-winning triumph but thanks to the good old internet we can share it here and now with you today. Everyone has seen that haunting/touching spin-off Inuit fisherman Aningaaq scene, directed by Cuarón's son Jonas, but this new "alternate scene" is about to blow your mind with the possibilities of the movie's other 'secrets.'

Watch The "Alternate" Fan-Made 'Gravity' Scene:

Of course, there's nothing official about YouTube user and self-styled movie obsessive Krishna Shenoi's amusing mash-up vid but we can proudly proclaim we let out a triumphant cry when Superman sped in to save the day. Gravity probably wouldn't have been as eerie or moving (or as long) had this been the cut that Cuarón opted for but the "There's no sound in space, duh" footnote was all win as far as we're concerned.

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Krishna's take on the movie is pretty inspired: particularly in the shot where it shows that Bullock was taken out by a baseball pitched into outer space by the mighty superhero. Seeing as the movie never did show us the origins of that darned destructive "Russian satellite debris," it's all beginning to click into place thanks to a little nifty editing and animation!

The movie cleaned up at the Academy Awards in March, winning seven trophies, including Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing and rounded its haul off with Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón named Best Director.

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Watch The 'Gravity' Trailer Here: