Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is being talked about in every Oscars conversation going. It’s been praised for having the best space photography seen in cinema, and, judging by the trailer and early reviews, the hype has been justified. But it didn’t happen without a touch of hard work.

Sandra Bullock GravityCould Sandra Bullock Win A Second Oscar For 'Gravity'?

To portray the character of Dr Ryan Stone, a medical engineer undertaking her very first mission in out space, Sandra Bullock put in hours upon hours of training. “I pushed my body to the extreme,” she explained. “Strength-wise, I had to know I could do anything Alfonso asked of me at any given point, so not a day went by that we didn’t train.”

But it was a chance meeting with the sister of Catherine "Cady" Coleman at a wine packaging facility that really got her in shape for the movie. The astronaut has spent more than 4,330 hours in space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia and the International Space Station, meaning Bullock was able ask some serious questions, and get some serious answers in return.

Sandra Bullock George Clooney GravitySandra Bullock [L] and George Clooney [R] Are Stranded in 'Gravity.'

“(My brother-in-law) got my number to Cady, who was at the ISS at the time, and she called and I was able to literally ask someone who was experiencing the things that I was trying to physically learn,” explained Bullock.

“I was able to ask her about how the body works, and what do you do, and what do I need to reteach my body physically to do that cannot happen on Earth. It was just a really coincidental, fortuitous thing that happened -- over wine -- that got me the final piece of information that I needed.” (Fox News)

It’s just one of the many facets – like co-starring alongside George Clooney and working under Alfonso Cuaron in a supposedly brilliantly written movie - that have propelled Bullock and Gravity into the Oscars orbit.

Watch the trailer for Gravity right here: