Warner Bros has unveiled its new trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi thriller Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a medical engineer and astronaut lost in space.

Bullock play Dr Ryan Stone, an engineer on her first shuttle mission, while Clooney is veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky, in command of his last flight before retiring. Of course, if a routine spacewalk had gone exactly to plan, then Warners would have had a fairly dismal movie on its hands.

Of course, disaster strikes and Stone and Kowalsky's shuttle is completely destroyed, leaving them completely alone in space. They spiral into the darkness as the radio connection to Earth is lost.

Speaking about the difficulties of shooting the movie, Cuaron told an audience at Comic-Con, "The film is about Ryan Stone being isolated in space.The technology we created required her to be isolated. For a long time, she was in a cube, 9 by 9 feet, surrounded by LED lights.

"Outside, there was a robot arm with the camera, and then rows and rows and rows of computers and some very wise geeks doing their work. Sandra was totally isolated in that cube. And it took a while to get her into the rig, so she'd stay there between takes with her music. As she said, it was very mathematical, but the focus is her emotional journey," he added.

Watch the new Gravity trailer:

Bullock elaborated, "It wasn't just a cube. You were locked into this grid, and it would oscillate. So if the robot had decided to just punch through my face, I couldn't have gone anywhere," according to HitFix.com.

The original teaser trailer hinted at something intriguing, something fresh, though the full-length clip - unleashed at Comic-Con this week - is genuinely thrilling. Cuaron has done both dystopia (Children of Men) and fantasy (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) to dazzling effect and now it appears he's had a really solid stab at sci-fi.

Gravity hits theaters in 3D and IMAX in October 4, 2013. It is currently 14/1 to win Best Picture at the Oscars in 2014, while another of Clooney's movies, The Monuments Men, is the 11/2 favourite. 

Watch the original trailer for Gravity:

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