American Hustle, according to the brilliant, is next up on the mistakometre with four flailing faux pas. You’re talking: money from the wrong era, a Diamond Da-40 aircraft appearing before it was even invented, the ‘Boys Club of America’ being called the ‘Boys and Girls of America’ too early, and an uncertified tri-jet Dassault business jet. Yeah, that’s right: an as-of-then uncertified tri-jet Dassault business jet.

Wolf of Wall Street

But where American Hustle and Gravity made historical and factual errors, Martin Scorsese and his team were only guilty of continuity mishaps in his larger-than-life, three hour epic surrounding Jordan Belfort’s not-so-fictional exploits while ‘owning it’ on New York’s Wall Street.

The Oscar-contender, The Wolf of Wall Street, featured a perennial movie mistake: the ol’ ‘cigarette burned down, then fresh, then burned down a bit more, then not as burned down’ continuity error was spotted. Then there was the glass of beer Donnie knocks over at the party, which magically reappeared on the table in the next scene, and the telescopic handle of a boom mic being visible in the reflection of the right window during the questioning of the gay butler in the penthouse.

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