Captain Phillips – the story of the titular captain’s struggle against Somali pirates – featured two wee errors worth noting; both hair-based. Mr. Tom Hanks, who should really be up for a Best Actor award, has a fluctuating level of stubble when travelling in the lifeboat, while Catherine Keener's hair changes back and forth between shots when they’re driving at the beginning of the movie. Also, many of the men on the ship have spoken out about Phillips’ real personality, but that doesn’t really count as an error.

Captain PhillipsTom Hanks couldn't regulate his stubble growth. Who can?

Also on two mistakes is August: Osage County. A nice fish lunch is ruined after Ivy, Barbara and Violet all smash their plates on the floor, but when Barbara returns to the dining room – Ivy having raced off in her car – there is no evidence of said smashed crockery. Unforgivable. Also, a glaring temperature error: with temperatures somewhere near the 100 degree mark, there’s no way Barbara and Violet would sit in the car for around 5 minutes chatting away with all the windows closed. Open up those windows and let in the cool breeze.

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