With only one solitary mistake to its name, it’s the brilliant Dallas Buyers Club. When the mercurial Ron Woodruff is sitting at his desk – his business runs out of a motel – there’s a picture of a brand new Lamborghini circa 2010-2013, but the film takes place in 1985, when Woodruff was actually knocking about, selling memberships.

Dallas Buyers ClubMatthew Mcconaughey impressed in Dallas Buyers Club

And finally – also with one solitary error – is Philomena. “When Philomena and the journalist are waiting to board a return flight from Washington to London, he calls his office in London where a clock shows it is 8:55. That would make it 3:55 in D.C. It can't be 3:55 pm because it is dark; so it has to be 3:55 am. And no flights leave for London until 3 or 4 hours later,” reads the websites entry for the Stephen Frears film.

These errors aren’t designed to detract from the quality of the films, though, as Moviemistakes.com’s Jon Sandys explains: "We're all human, and all make mistakes - things like this are just fun to spot, rather than movie-ruining, especially with films this good! If a movie's terrible I'm far more likely to notice the mistakes because I'm less engaged by what's happening on-screen," he says.

Of course, it would only be fair to give a special mention to the films that couldn’t be faulted: Her (Spike Jonze, Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson), Nebraska (Alexander Payne, Bruce Dern), and 12 Years a Slave are free from the relatively easy-going ignominy of having funny errors.