The Blind Side star portrays political consultant Jane 'Calamity' Bodine in the political drama, in which her character is hired to help run a despised Bolivian president's re-election campaign.

She previously revealed the character had originally been written for a male, with George in mind to tackle the part, but Sandra convinced producers she would be better suited to lead the cast.

"Initially, it was written with George Clooney in mind," she told Entertainment Weekly in August (15). "About two-and-a-half years ago, I just put out the feelers saying, 'I'm not reading anything I'm excited about. Are there any male roles out there that they don't mind switching to a female role...?' You don't get to read roles like this (in Our Brand is Crisis) a lot. There's a lot of unforgivable things that she does, yet somehow you have to cheer for her."

Some fans became convinced Sandra had snatched the role from George, who co-produces the movie with the actress, but she has now set the record straight once and for all.

"He, at the time, was not attached to this film to play the (lead) role," she tells U.S. breakfast show Today. "I'll steal something from George, it just wasn't this role."

"I'll steal other things from George, like maybe a house in Italy... in a heartbeat!," she jokes, referring to his vacation retreat in Lake Como.

Meanwhile, Sandra admits she had a lot of fun starring opposite movie bad guy Billy Bob Thornton, because he always plays the villain so well.

"You know he's gonna kill you, maybe eat you along the way, but you're OK with it, oddly," she laughs. "You go, 'OK, if anyone's gonna do it, it's gonna be you, and I'm OK with it.' What I think it is, is that Billy is truly one of the nicest people and the most honest person you will ever meet, so that's always gonna shine through no matter how despicable he is (as his character), so you're just watching him going, 'I know he's gonna kill me, but I'm just entranced right now!'"