Little Louis will be trick-or-treating on Saturday (31Oct15) as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and his mum was thrilled she he insisted on picking out her costume too - until she saw it.

"Usually I wear whatever my son asks me to wear; it's usually in combination with his," the Speed star tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood. "But this year he's gone Ninja Turtle... and I said, 'What should mum be?' And he picked out Slutty Batgirl.

"Out of all the choices he picked out the sluttiest Batgirl. I said, 'Momma doesn't feel good (about this)'. He said, 'No, you has to wear this (sic)'. It's like the leather skirt, the knee-high boots... I said, 'I don't think mum will be wearing Slutty Batgirl'...

"I don't mind the Slutty Batgirl, just not around kindergarteners (sic)... I'm not the mum that can wear the little, short nurse's uniform in front of children who can actually see up the nurse's uniform. That's where you have to draw the line, I think."

So now the actress has a few back-up choices for Halloween night.

"I've got, like, a mime and a pirate," Bullock adds. "I might be a pirate mime."