Sandra Bullock is trying her hand at comedy in the film The Heat, in which she stars alongside Melissa McCarthy in the buddy cop movie. This Sunday (June 23), the actress lit-up the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City and despite being closer to fifty than forty, the actress oozed sex appeal and made the red carpet her own before the movie was screened.

Wearing a black leather Ermanno Scervino dress with gold sequins patterned across it, complete with gladiator-style heels and a solitary gold bangle, the actress exuded all the beauty and presence of a Mediterranean Goddess - not to take anything away from the other stars on the red carpet of course. The actress is no stranger to showing off a bit of skin on the red carpet, and on Sunday she showed off exactly the right amount again, not revealing too much but still looking tantalising in her LBD. Her co-star McCarthy meanwhile wore a curve-hugging navy dress with a gold bangle, finished off with some strappy stilettos.

Whilst there the actress discussed her role in the film - in which she plays a hard-as-nails FBI agent who teams up with a small-town cop (McCarthy) for a big sting - as well as discussing how her part is usually reserved for male actor, but hopefully in the future will see more and more women taking to comedy roles. She also discussed how she and co-star McCarthy became particularly close during filming, with the two hitting it off with each other straight away.

Melissa Sandra The Heat
Bullock and McCarthy became bet friends on set in the film and in real life

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Bullock's talk about her relationship with McCarthy was followed up this morning (June 24) on Good Morning America, in which the Bridesmaids actress discussed how the pair had quickly bonded over their obsessions with home renovating and their children. McCarthy told GMA, “We have very similar obsessions, like we are both renovating fanatics and we were constantly like, ‘Have you seen this piece of wood?!’ Everybody else thought we were wildly boring.”

“We have a lot of mutual friends and it’s the weirdest thing that we had never met and then, finally, when we did, we said, this is way overdue,” McCarthy went on to say in the GMA interview. “My youngest is three. Hers is three. … The kids got along great.”

The Heat has been directed by McCarthy's Bridesmaid director Paul Feig, and it sees FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) paired with mouthy Boston cop Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) in order to take down a ruthless drug lord who is terrorising Boston. The only thing is, neither woman has ever had a partner or a real friend for that matter, and neither one wants to start having one. The two manage to put their differences to one side however and together they become a police force to be reckoned with. The movie rolls into cinemas on Friday (June 28) in the US, arriving in the UK on July 31.

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Paul Feig The Heat
Paul Feig directs the comedy

Sandra Bullock The Heat
Sandra was a knock-out on the red carpet