Sandra Oh has been reconnecting with old friends during the coronavirus crisis.

The 48-year-old actress has revealed she's made a concerted effort to reach out to some of her school friends amid the lockdown, saying there's a ''beauty and comfort'' in sharing the experience with people she's known for a long time.

Sandra explained: ''I don't know what the right words are. This time we're living in is bizarre, challenging. And like many people, I find myself reaching out to friends who I haven't connected with in a long time.

''We all have various social circles, but I've noticed there is beauty and comfort with groups that I have a history with. There's now a drive and need to see people from my past.

''I went to the National Theater School of Canada, and my class graduated in '93. There were probably 13 of us in total.

''After the world changed in March, a few of us who text were like, 'Hey, should we try to get everyone to Zoom together?' So we all did. Which was hilarious because we're all around 50, and you should have seen us trying to figure out how Zoom works.

''Many of us have not spoken or seen each other since 1993. It was so amazing; we were just like, 'My God, how have you been?' And now we meet weekly.''

Sandra thinks reconnecting with old friends has helped her to cope with the stresses of the lockdown.

The 'Killing Eve' star told PEOPLE magazine's Most Beautiful Issue: ''It's great to see them in the midst of their lives even though we don't physically see each other. We all cut our teeth together, and in many ways these people know me the best.

''It's the same with my girlfriends from primary school. We've always kind of been in touch, but now we are constantly in contact.

''The beauty in this time of not being able to be together physically is in the connections we've found, which might not have happened otherwise. I focus on that because they're so important right now.''