Sara Gilbert and John Galecki were once an item together for a number of weeks, beginning when Galecki first began appearing on the hit sitcom Roseanne along side Gilbert during it's fourth season in 1992. The two dated for a number of weeks and things seemed to be normal enough for the young aspiring actors, however their time dating didn't end in the most conventional way as it helped Gilbert come to terms with something she had never really understood; her sexuality.

Sara Gilbert
Gilbert had long struggled to understand her sexuality, until she met Johnny

During Thursday, 12 September's edition of The Talk, the show that Gilbert created herself and serves as executive producer on, she explained how she and Galecki first got all googley eyed with each other on set and eventually began dating, at which point things got confusing for her.

She explained how, after seeing Galecki for a date or such, she would feel completely depressed and utterly confused as to what she was doing. She told the rest of the panel and audience, “I thought he was super cute and I had a total crush on him. And we started dating and he would come over and we would, like, make out. And then I would start to get depressed.”

She went on to explain that as she slowly began realising that she might be a lesbian, she was faced with the dilemma of how to tell Galecki and how he might respond. In case you were wondering whether Galecki is a sweet as the character he portrays on The Big Bang Theory in real life, it looks as though he very much is. Apparently he was completely understanding and even helped her come to terms with her true feelings as she slowly began adapting to her new lifestyle.

Johnny Galecki
Johnny proved a hand to hold on to as Gilbert tried to learn about herself

“[I] eventually told him I thought it was about my sexuality, and he was super sweet about it,” Gilbert explained, going on to explain that she kept her sexuality between herself, Galecki and the few women that she would go out with as she lived in fear of being outed. She continued, “I always felt so scared. If it came out, what could happen? Could I lose my career? Will I ever be able to play a straight role again?”

As difficult as it was to get here, the story thankfully has a happy ending and Gilbert eventually became comfortable enough in her own skin to announce her sexuality publicly, a move that can be owed partly to Galecki.

Gilbert is now engaged to singer/songwriter Linda Perry and remains good friends with her one-time lover, who Gilbert says even offered to come on the show so he could "hold her hand" through the discussion. She told the audience, I want people to know that there can still be a struggle with it, and that’s okay. That it really is a process, and that there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different, or feels scared. And that maybe is more important than any of it.”

Sara Gilbert Linda Perry
Gilbert is now engaged to Linda Perry