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Houston We Have A Problem: Sarah Brightman Out Of Space Mission

British soprano Sarah Brightman has called off plans to fly to the Russian-American International Space Station, citing family reasons. The singer began training in Russia in January for a 10-day stay in orbit, 260 miles...

Sarah Brightman Postpones Space Mission

Andrew Lloyd Webber's ex-wife, who has paid an estimated $52 million (£32.5 million) for a tourist trip to the International Space Station, began her astronaut training in Russia in January (15) ahead of...

Sarah Brightman Pays Millions In A Bid To Become First Star To Perform In Space

Andrew Lloyd Webber's ex-wife Sarah Brightman has reportedly paid over $48 million (£30 million) in a bid to become the first star to perform in space.The opera singer will train on a Russian Soyuz capsule...

Sarah Brightman Initially Turned Down Space Travel Offer

British singer Sarah Brightman initially turned down the opportunity to travel into space because she didn't feel ready for the challenge.The classical singer, who was once married to theatre impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber, is set...

How Much Did Sarah Brightman Pay For Her Ticket To Space?

Sarah Brightman is preparing to become a space tourist, but how much is she paying for the privilege?The British soprano has booked a seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, for a 10 day visit to...

Sarah Brightman To Become A 'Starship Trooper'

The ex-wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber, soprana singer Sarah Brightman is set to be the 8th space tourist ever. The BBC reports that the singer, of the dubious '70s hit 'I Lost My Heart...

Set To Lose Her Heart To A Spaceship Trooper: Sarah Brightman To Travel Into Space

Russia's next space tourist is to be none other than singer Sarah Brightman!. A spaceship that's been built by the country is going to be travelling some 400 kilometers above earth, and, by being on...

Enya + Brightman Add Christmas Albums To The List

It's shaping up to be the biggest Christmas for celebrity holiday albums - ENYA and SARAH BRIGHTMAN have joined the festivities. The new age stars have both recorded holiday albums, which will hit stores in...

Sarah Brightman To Sing At Beijing Opening Ceremony

British soprano Sarah Brightman is to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday alongside Chinese singer Li Huan.The 48-year-old - once married to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber - will perform a...

By on 06 August 2008

Brightman's Heartache Over No Children

English soprano SARAH BRIGHTMAN is saddened she has never been able to have children of her own, after suffering two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. The former wife of musical impresario SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER...

Webber Explains Manhood Lawsuit

Music impresario SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER only threatened to sue his ex-wife SARAH BRIGHTMAN for publicly discussing the size of his penis, because of bad timing. Lord Lloyd-Webber was horrified when Brightman appeared on British...

Lloyd Webber Nearly Sued Over 'Well Hung' Comments

Theatre impresario SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER threatened to sue ex-wife SARAH BRIGHTMAN after she revealed to the media he was well-endowed. The soprano, who was married to Lord Lloyd-Webber for six years, reveals she faced...

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