Sarah Brightman is preparing to become a space tourist, but how much is she paying for the privilege?

The British soprano has booked a seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, for a 10 day visit to the International Space Station. Similar flights were made between 2001 and 2008, with Soyuz’s so-called “space tourists” paying between $20 million and $50 million for the exclusive experience.

Brightman’s flight was arranged for her by Space Adventures of Vienna, VA but according to CBS News, the company’s president, Eric Anderson would not divulge how much she had paid for the trip-of-a-lifetime. He did joke however that it was definitely a “round-trip” ticket. Of course, there’s more to this trip than just the price ticket; a chance for Brightman to experience an incredible voyage. Talking about the trip, which will require six months of intensive training before she can embark, she told a press conference on Monday (October 8, 2012) “This voyage is a product of a dream, my dream. Finally it can be a reality. I am more excited about this than anything I have done in my life to date.”

Sarah Brightman rose to fame as part of the dance troupe Hot Gossip, who, somewhat ironically, had a hit in 1978 entitled ‘I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper.’ Here’s hoping she doesn’t lose her heart again whilst she’s up there and remembers to come back down to Earth.