Russia's next space tourist is to be none other than singer Sarah Brightman!. A spaceship that's been built by the country is going to be travelling some 400 kilometers above earth, and, by being on it, Brightman will be become the first space tourist since 'Cirque de Soleil' star Guy Laliberte. Brightman didn't reveal how much the ticket had cost her, though it's highly likely it cost at least as much as it would cost for NASA astronauts - $50 million.

Speaking at a conference the 70s star, who had a hit called 'I Lost My Heart To A Spaceship Trooper', said "I am more excited about this than I have been about anything I have done to date." She added to the assembled throng in Moscow "Most of my life I have felt an incredible desire to take the journey to space that I have now begun. This is beyond my wildest dreams."

Brightman remembers the original moon landing in 1969 clearly, turning her attention to it she said "It was something miraculous. For me it was an epiphany. It seemed so unrealistic and crazy at the time but I suddenly saw that it was possible." Of course at the time the US was in a great space race with their Russian rivals, temperatures have cooled between them though, allowing Brightman to make the trip.