Sarah Ferguson shut down a Time magazine interview when a reporter refused to drop questions about her cash-for-royal-access scandal.
The Duchess of York was caught on camera trying to set up a bogus business deal with a News of the World journalist in 2009 in return for access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew.
And she was back in front of the lens this week (beg27Jun11) as she sat for a chat with Time magazine reporter Belinda Luscombe.
The interview turned frosty when Luscombe probed Fergie for more information about the News of the World expose.
Ferguson insists the reporter has her facts wrong and says, "I think we're gonna drop it right now, thank you."
But the interview, which has aired on, doesn't end there - Luscombe presses on with questions, prompting a calm but clear Fergie to state, "I think, Belinda, that this is not a tabloid interview, so don't take it down that road... I think I've addressed your questions and I don't wish to go forward on this."
She adds, "Let us remember that there are two sides to every story."