Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess Of York helped her daughter Eugenie prepare for the royal wedding all the way from Thailand.
Fergie took off to the jungles of Kamala after learning she would not be invited to the big royal affair in April (11), but still managed to offer up hat advice to her youngest daughter on the day of the wedding.
She recalls, "She sent me a photograph and I said to the make-up artist, 'I think we need some scissors.' She said, 'I don't think we can do anything'. I said, 'Yes you can, cut it!' So I was cutting it from Thailand. (The plume feathers) were a little bit too long."
But the Duchess didn't get a chance to see her eldest daughter Beatrice's much-maligned Philip Treacy hat before the wedding itself: "I didn't see the hat, which arrived at quarter to eight on the wedding day... (but) Philip Treacy did a very good job... and I thought they (both) looked beautiful."